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Lime Crime Makeup

Nov 27, 2008 in My photos


Xenia of Lime Crime Makeup sent me some makeup to try out so I’m doing a little review!

I chose the Finishing Pixie Dust, the Electric Bubblegum blush and the Dreamer and Medusa eyeshadows.

Finishing Pixie Dust

Normally I don’t wear skin-covering makeup like foundations and powder and such, because I don’t like the feeling and idea of something covering my skin, and I think it looks just fine as it is. I wanted to try this stuff though. It makes the skin completely matte and it really does give something of a “soft lens effect” like the product description promises. It does feel a bit weird having something cover my face, probably because I’m not used to it, but it’s great for removing shinyness. I didn’t have a good brush for this so I’ve just been patting it on with my fingers, it would probably be even better if used with a brush.


Electric Bubblegum Blush

This is a great blush. It looks super fluorescent in the pot but you can control just how bright or soft you want it to look on your cheeks.


Dreamer Eyeshadow

This is easily my new favourite eyeshadow. The colour is beautiful and it is so very glittery, definitely the glitteriest eyeshadow I’ve seen. The glitter is really fine and just amazing, and the photos do it no justice at all.


Medusa Eyeshadow

This shadow is equally glittery and amazing, but in a much darker colour. It looks like glittery charcoal in the pot, and it goes on as a greyish black with a slightly blue tone. You can probably make it even darker by applying it wet, but i haven’t tried that yet. I love this shadow!


These eyeshadows are the best glittery eyeshadows I’ve ever tried and they look so much better in real life than on the Lime Crime site (or in my photos). I highly recommend them. In all these photos I’m wearing the Electric Bubblegum blush and some of the Pixie Dust on my forehead, nose and under the eyes.