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Stocking advice wanted!

Jul 26, 2009


I need some advice on stocking shopping for pale people!

I have a pair of full contrast fully fashioned stockings from What Katie Did. They look good in pin up photos where you can see that they are actually stockings, but I’m so pale that when I actually wear them with clothes it just looks like I have really dark legs compared to the rest of my body, so I’d really like to find a paler pair.

What I want is a full contrast (black seam but nude stocking) fully fashioned stocking, but it has too be really light coloured. The “Dita Glamour French Heel” from Secrets in Lace looks great in the photo, but it doesn’t say if the grey or beige colour is the one pictured so I’m not sure which one is right, or if it actually looks that good in real life (and it’s pretty expensive). Has any pale person bought this and knows if it’s as good as it looks?

Apart from the Dita stockings I haven’t really found anything at all that doesn’t look really beige or coppery so tips are very welcome! I’d prefer a french heel (pointy not square) but it doesn’t really matter.