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Flickr picture sources

May 24, 2011

As I’ve said, I don’t remember exactly where I’ve found most of the pictures of movie stars I’ve been showing lately. However, I do know I find a lot of my movie star pictures in the photo streams of my flickr contacts. Therefore I’ve put together a little list of some of the best flickr sources for vintage movie star pictures. You should check them out!

AliceJapan Mainly promotional photos of movie stars, and tons of them. Many uncommon pictures.

Vintage-Stars Just lots of movie stars.

Ondiraiduveau Also lots of movie stars.

Thetag1 And more movie stars.

Truus, Bob and Jan too This flickr stream posts mainly vintage postcards of celebrities and pinups. Lots of great colour photos.

Silverbluestar Shows lots of scans from vintage magazines, which means there are many not so common photos of movie stars.

Haywrit Mainly scans of movie star and pinup magazine covers.

I also recommend this set of Movie Life magazine covers and this set that contains lots of great high resolution colour pictures (and many black and white ones too).