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Shrunken dress

Sep 21, 2011

I need advice! I had to wash one of my favourite dresses (careful and quick handwash in cool water) and now it has shrunk a little! It’s a late 50s or 60s dress in a very stretchy and quite thick and warm fabric, I guess jersey. It doesn’t have a label with fabric content but I would guess something synthetic, perhaps with wool in? I know absolutely nothing about identifying fabrics though. If it helps you can see a picture of it here.

I really, really hope it can be saved and I’m trying not to panic about it yet. It hasn’t shrunk drastically, and I don’t mind it being slightly tighter, but it’s definitely a bit shorter now and almost doesn’t cover my knees!

Any tips, or tips on anywhere else I can ask? Can I block it or stretch it somehow? I’ve read that some fabrics get their shape back by steaming or even just ironing, could that work?