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I need a new quilted dressing gown!

Apr 19, 2012


I just managed to destroy my beloved quilted silk dressing gown. I have washed it several times before, but this time, without thinking, I added some stain remover and the dye started to come away in patches :(

It was the perfect 40s style aqua silk quilted robe and I’ve been wearing it practically every day since I got it. I’m just so sad about it.

I’m guessing redying it evenly is a very hard if not impossible task so I’m hoping to find a similar replacement. If you have any tips or ideas on where to find a 40s or 50s style quilted dressing gown with belted or tailored waist, wide skirt and preferably a collar, I would be ever so thankful. I’d prefer the colour to be close to the original (which can be seen here), but any tips are welcome.