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USA tips

Feb 15, 2013 in Travels


Me and Henrik are thinking about maybe going to stay in the US for three months sometime, partly as a sort of “trial” to see if living in the US (or perhaps Canada) full time is something we’d like to do. So far it’s just a very loose plan and we’re not sure what would be a good place to choose for an extended stay. North America is a huge place, so I’d love to get some tips!

What do you think is the best area to live in in? I have some criteria, but feel free to give tips even if they don’t fit. Preferably I want to live somewhere with a fairly similar climate to Sweden, four seasons with a proper snowy winter. I hate wind so maybe not a super windy place, and not too humid. Also, I want to live in a open minded place where I will feel comfortable dressing outside of the norm.

Also, we’re going to Palm Springs this April, so Palm Springs tips are very welcome as well!