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The Christmas Toy

Dec 9, 2013

I’ve had a vague memory of a Christmas tv special I saw as a young kid. I remembered that the toys came to life, and most importantly there was this beautiful purple “evil queen” type doll that was the new Christmas present. I’ve wanted to find out what it was ever since, and I think I tried searching the internet years ago without finding anything. Some days ago I came to think of it again and tried searching “christmas special toys come to life”, and it was the first hit!

The Christmas Toy was a Jim Henson Christmas special, but the introduction by Kermit was cut from a later version for some legal reasons. I think I must have seen the version without Kermit because I’m sure I would have remembered it as a muppet thing otherwise. I’m so happy I found it and it was pretty surreal seeing it again after all these years. I loved it, and the new doll, Meteora, was just as great as I remembered her.

Here’s a clip of her and the other toys.