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Closet sneak peek

Apr 6, 2009 in Home


A little sneak peak of my new closet that we have been working on the last couple of weeks. It’s almost finished now.


Bullet bras on Etsy

Mar 28, 2009


When I was searching for the perfect bullet bra I ordered a few before I found one that actually fit me. I just put two of those up on my Etsy store, one that was too small and one that was too big.

They’re really beautiful, both from the 60s, in their original packaging and (I believe) completely unused. Click the picture to go to my Etsy store.



Mar 28, 2009 in My art and illustration


I used to have an Etsy store, but when they wouldn’t accept my new credit card it was suspended and has been so for months. Now they’re finally accepting PayPal so my store is open again!

I will be selling things I’ve made other than paintings and drawings, like dolls and perhaps some clothing items. I’m also planning to sell some vintage clothing that doesn’t fit me. I will be adding more items over the next week so keep checking back if you’re interested!

(By the way, has anyone noticed what happens when you mouse over my blog header?)


Dressing gown

Mar 23, 2009


Last week Henrik surprised me with this dressing gown that has been on my wish list for a while. To me it’s just the perfect dressing gown and I wear it almost all the time. I didn’t think I would ever find such a perfect dressing gown that wasn’t vintage.

Anyway, it came with two 10% off discount codes, and since I’m not planning on buying anything else from the site, Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers, I thought I’d give out the codes here on the blog. Just leave a comment on this post saying you want one, and I’ll randomly select two people who get the codes, around noon CET this Friday, March 27.


Veckorevyn no. 3, 1963

Mar 5, 2009 in Vintage scans


I saw Gunilla Pontén on the bus the other day. She’s a designer, my favourite 50s and 60s fashion model, and an all around glamourous person. She looked amazing in a black sequined beret, her signature dark bob and plum lipstick and a beautiful coat.

She was (and is I’d say) a bit of a fashion rebel and one of her designs became famous after she wore it to some kind of royal occasion in the 50s where it was thought to be inappropriate (it became a stamp a while ago).

I was too starstruck to say anything on the bus but it inspired me to post some scans from this issue of Veckorevyn, which contains an article about Gunilla’s clothes and home, and it’s my favourite article in all my vintage magazines.

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