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Wardrobe project: green skirt

Jan 26, 2009 in Wardrobe Project


I haven’t taken any wardrobe project photos all winter because it has been too dark. The days are getting brighter now though and I got out of school before noon today and it was fairly bright by the kitchen window, so I thought I’d use the opportunity.

Skirt: Vivien of Holloway. I love this skirt and highly recommend it! The people at Vivien of Holloway were really nice when my package got lost in the mail as well and sent me a replacement. Unfortunately they didn’t have any left in XS for the replacement so I had to get an S and take it in a bit, but I think this might be even better because I love the length.

Shirt: Thrifted.

Tights: H&M.

Shoes: A shoe store outside Gallerian in Stockholm, I don’t remember the name.

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