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Dec 20, 2014


I’m thinking about going on Patreon, but I’m a bit stumped as to what sort of perks to offer my potential patrons. Do you have any suggestions?

What sort of thing would be interesting to you? Discounts, exclusive material, special offers? I’d love to hear any suggestions. If you already support someone on Patreon, what made you want to support them?


Print campaign for Christmas

Dec 9, 2014 in My art and illustration


As a special Christmas treat you can buy prints of pretty much any picture on! The campaign starts today and lasts until December 16.

Orders placed within this time will be shipped on December 18 (which means they probably won’t actually get to you until after Christmas).

All prints are $27 regardless of size. They will be printed very close to their original size, which is listed next to every picture on my site, where you will also find the “buy print” link.

The prints offered on Etsy will continue to be sold there at the same prices as before, and are not part of this offer.

Merry Christmas!


What Katie Did competition

Nov 12, 2014 in My art and illustration


I entered a tote bag design competition for my favourite lingerie company, What Katie Did, and my design ended up as one of the top 6! You can vote for your favourite here.

I’d be eternally grateful if you would vote for my design (marked C), if it’s your favourite! When you vote you also get entered to win one of the finished bags.


Bottom diptych

Nov 10, 2014 in My art and illustration


It was just a matter of time before I painted something inspired by Bottom, it’s just a shame I didn’t get around to it before June… I finished these a while ago but haven’t really shared them anywhere until now because I hate getting comments about Rik’s death.

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