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Movie tips

Mar 7, 2010 in Movies

Any tips for movies set at sunny vacation spots? I’m getting a bit tired of winter now and feel like dreaming about summer!


BUtterfield 8

Dec 11, 2008 in Movies


BUtterfield 8 is such a visually beautiful movie. Elizabeth Taylor might be the most beautiful woman ever in it and every set seems designed only to enhance her beauty and colouring. The movie is also pretty much a non stop parade of beautiful coats, a coat even plays a significant part in it. While Elizabeth is amazing in BUtterfield 8 (and apparently won an Oscar for it) I must admit I wouldn’t be interested in it if it wasn’t for her.

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Nov 23, 2008 in Movies


One of my favourite movies is Fantasia, and my favourite scene (although it’s very hard to choose a favourite!) has always been the centaurettes, or “horse girls” as I used to call them. I’ve always found them to be the ultimate in beauty since the first time I watched the movie, and I used to wish so hard to be one of them.

The picture above here is also my desktop wallpaper by the way, and I did a tribute painting to this scene a while ago.

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Nov 13, 2008 in Movies


I often make screen caps from pretty movies so I thought I’d start sharing them here at the blog.

I’m starting with the 1962 movie Jumbo with Doris Day. There were two scenes in it that were extraordinarily beautiful. One where the circus parades through a town with a carriage pulled by white winged horses, and one pretty long scene where Doris, wearing the most beautiful pink circus princess outfit ever, performs with a white horse with pink glittery hooves.

The rest of the movie wasn’t all that interesting as far as I remember, but those two scenes were amazing. Unfortunately I only have these small screen caps from the TV, so if anyone happens to have it on dvd or something and has some better ones I’d love to see them.

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