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Graphic design for Pärlans Konfektyr

Aug 8, 2013 in My art and illustration and My photos


I quit my job at Pärlans Konfektyr in June. Wrapping caramels by hand day in and day out was ruining my shoulders and I was hurting all the time, but I was sad to leave my wonderful coworkers. It seems I will be back for a few days in September though, and I’ll probably keep doing the window decorations.

Before I left I took some photos of the signs and various design stuff I’ve made for Pärlans. With the exception of the painted outdoor sign and the stamp, these were all handmade quickly on the fly without reference or planning.

This of course means I’m once again unemployed and poor, so if you have any job ideas I’d very much appreciate it! If you’ve been planning on ordering some of my art, perhaps a commission, now would be an excellent time ;)

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