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New art: Flower tattoo

Mar 17, 2012 in My art and illustration

I’m a bit behind on my commissions (and my blogging!) since I’ve been working full time at Pärlans wrapping delicious caramels this past week, but here’s finally a finished one, a tattoo design with a flower and circus theme!

Prints are available here.


Tattoo designs

Feb 20, 2012 in My art and illustration

This is the first and most elaborate version of a tattoo design I made for my mother’s 60th birthday, though she ended up going with another more simplified version without the cat portraits and with less black.

It’s a kurbits which is a common motif from the folk art of Dalecarlia where my family is from.

You can buy prints of it here.

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Sketches: Preliminary sketchbook

Feb 8, 2012 in My art and illustration


As I said in my first sketch post I’ve decided to keep a regular sketchbook, for all those ideas that aren’t fully fledged painting concepts, or just drawing for fun without planning or pressure.

Before I found an actual sketch book to use for this purpose I used one of Henrik’s notebooks, and these are the sketches I drew in it before I found the perfect sketchbook on our New York trip.

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Sketches: Thumbnails

Jan 17, 2012 in My art and illustration


My paintings often start out as tiny thumbnail sketches, about two inches tall. In these thumbnails I work out the composition and often make some notes about ideas for colours and other things so I won’t forget them in the process of painting.

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