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Art suggestions wanted!

Aug 18, 2009 in Other people's art


Nøkken by Theodor Kittelsen.

I really want to find more artists that I like. I’m super picky about art and very seldom find anything that I really love.

In a way I’m one of my own favourite artists since I paint themes I love in a style I love, but it’s not all that exiting to sit and look at stuff I came up with myself, at least not for very long!

Some artists I like a lot are Theodor Kittelsen (probably my favourite), Yoshitaka Amano and James Jean, especially his Fables covers. I tend to prefer a more “illustrationy” style. Some themes I love are mystery and adventure, mythology, folklore and fairy tales, heroic yet glamorous girls and circus and sideshow stuff. I also really like underwater stuff, and I have a thing for swamps and all things murky and slimy.

I love pulp magazine covers and retro science-fiction pictures, I like the mystery and mythology of a lot of the prerafaelite paintings and I like a lot of traditional Japanese art with supernatural themes. I’m also very fond of the illustrations for La vie parisienne.

I really want this book, The Brinkley Girls, because her illustrations seem like my kind of pictures. But it’s the first thing I’ve really liked in a long time.

Do you have any tips for me? I would especially like tips on art books I might like.

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Vinny and Vernelle

Aug 13, 2009


I little while ago I was asked by Jessie of Vinny and Vernelle if I wanted to model some of her pieces and in exchange get to keep them. I said yes of course because she makes some beautiful stuff, and you should check out her Etsy shop!

Three “neck fancies”, sort of like a clip on bow/ruff/thing, arrived in the gorgeous package pictured above. I was especially impressed at how they were just as beautiful, if not more, on the back as on the front, really well made!

Below are my photos of the first piece, a black velvet bow with powder pink ruffles.

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Platinum blonde

Aug 10, 2009


It’s been ages since I was a proper platinum blonde and I’m completely out of the loop on white toners. When I’ve had white hair in the past I’ve used a toner from a brand called Directions, and that’s pretty much the only one I know about. Are there any platinum blondes that read this blog and have a good toner to recommend? Also, any good shampoos to keep the hair white?