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Sketches: Thumbnails

Jan 17, 2012 in My art and illustration


My paintings often start out as tiny thumbnail sketches, about two inches tall. In these thumbnails I work out the composition and often make some notes about ideas for colours and other things so I won’t forget them in the process of painting.

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New print lots on Etsy

Dec 3, 2011 in My art and illustration


I have added six new print lots to my Etsy shop. I also lowered the prices on the two remaining old print lots. One old lot of three prints now costs less than buying one new print on my art site so it’s a great deal.

While I was at it I also cut the prices of my pinup postcard sets in half.


"Wolves" original for sale

Nov 24, 2011 in My art and illustration

The original of the Wolves painting has not been for sale for a long time since it’s been hanging on a wall at my parent’s house. However, I recently got it back and decided to finally put it up for sale. Wolves is bigger than the majority of my paintings, at 17×12 inches.

Of course, prints are still available at a much more affordable price!